La Camioneta Tours is a company dedicated to Cultural Tourism, where we offer interpretive tours of Guatemala, accompanied by Certified Guides who share with passengers the stories, anecdotes and curious facts that are hidden in each monument, museum, building, church, street and avenue.

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Tour the tourist attractions that Guatemala City offers on a traditional and original “Chicken Bus”, an authentic and profound experience when boarding a Guatemalan folklore bus. Minimum: 5 persons

$85 / per person
Approximately 6 hours
4 - 60 yrs+

Experience the nightlife in Guatemala City, visiting the best bars with different rhythms, on a very safe and well-planned route. This is not a party bus! It’s the way to the party! You will also be able to learn interesting facts about the places and characters that are part of the history of Guatemala. You…

$70 / per person
Approximately 4 hours
18 - 60 yrs+

Walking tour through the Historic Center of Guatemala City, starting the tour with the main buildings in the heart of the City, you will be able to walk along the famous sixth avenue of the historic center, getting to know the main old buildings, until you reach the central market. Minimum: 2 persons

$60 / per person
Approximately 4 hours
4 - 65 yrs+

Get ready to have an exciting walk when you reach the viewpoint where you can see ancient lava rivers. Hike along the ancient lava rivers, and visit natural ovens. *Tip: Request information for an additional cost for the “cooking pizza in an active volcano” experience. Return to the visitor center. This tour is suitable for…

$90 / per person
Approximately 8 hours
4 - 65 yrs+

Do you want to visit the beach? We will pick you up at your hotel to spend a day of free time, and enjoy the landscape and good weather. The Pacific beaches are incredible and pleasant to visit due to their proximity, they have great natural beauty, and they are black sand beaches of volcanic…

$125 / per person
Approximately 12 hours
2 - 80 yrs+

We will visit the picturesque indigenous market that is held outdoors. The halls are really colorful called “The Rainbow Loom Market”. You can also admire the religious ceremonies that take place inside and outside the Church of Santo Tomás, which is more than 400 years old (notes: shorts or swimsuits are NOT allowed), then transfer…

$105 / per person
Approximately 12 hours
2 - 80 yrs+

Enjoy a unique landscape in an unparalleled place, guarded by three imposing volcanoes and the beautiful Lake Atitlán, by boat sailing the lake until you reach San Juan La Laguna, visit the street of umbrellas, and hats, visit and climb to the Kaqasiiwaan Viewpoint, visit the cooperative where they process the natural cotton by hand…

$135 / per person
Approximately 12 hours
2 - 80 yrs+

The most emblematic Mayan city. Nature, Flora, Fauna, Architecture and Archeology all in one place. Visit: Temples of the Twin Pyramids, the North Acropolis, the Mahler Palace, the Great Plaza, the temples of the Great Jaguar and the Masks. Then Temple IV, where from the top you can see the endless green sea of the…

$345 / per person
Approximately 15 hours
4 - 80 yrs+

At noon, we will move to the Yaxhá Archaeological Site to visit one of the largest Mayan sites protected from Civilization. During the visit you will have the opportunity to see the main temples, corresponding to the Classic period. The tour will end from the top of Temple 216 where In the background you can…

$95 / per person
Approximately 7 hours
2 - 70 yrs+

Bicycle tour through the main tourist attractions of the most beautiful avenues of Guatemala City, a space that tells us the history and culture, of Guatemala as well as of Latin America with majestic squares and commemorative monuments under the canopy of trees with views of contemporary buildings.​ ​ Minimum: 2 persons

$50 / per person
3 hours
10 - 50 yrs+

Landscapes surrounding Antigua Guatemala, incredible photos await you! We will visit Hobbitenango, it has a huge viewpoint where you can appreciate the wonders of nature and relax with a view that is spectacular. Then, Altamira to get to know the “most Instagrammable hand” of Guatemala, then transfer to Antigua Guatemala to visit walking through its…

$105 / per person
Approximately 10 hours
4 - 65 yrs+

Live the experience of hiking to the top of one of the 3 highest volcanoes in Central America, it is undoubtedly a magical place full of energy. The views wherever you go are spectacular, in fact, this territory is a luxury box to observe the activity of the Fuego Volcano. Take into account that a…

$75 / per person
2 days
18 - 60 yrs+