La Camioneta Tours is a company dedicated to Cultural Tourism, where we offer interpretive tours of Guatemala, accompanied by Certified Guides who share with passengers the stories, anecdotes and curious facts that are hidden in each monument, museum, building, church, street and avenue.

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Tour the wide variety of tourist attractions Guatemala City offers in an authentic bus, accompanied by certified guides who share stories, interesting archaeological data, its exuberant nature, varied culture, the best architectural jewels, and gastronomy.   Visit: Reforma Avenue, Las Américas Avenue, Civic Center Historical Center, Cathedral, National Palace, Relief Map, and Cayalá. At the…

$85 / per person
Approximately 4 hours

The most emblematic Mayan city. Nature, flora, fauna, architecture, and archaeology are all in one place. Tikal, the capital of the Mayan culture, is called “City of Murmurs”. Visit: Temples of the Twin Pyramids, the North Acropolis, Mahler Palace, the Grand Square, the temples of the Great Jaguar, and the Masks. Then temple IV that…

$275 / per person
Approximately 15 hours

A new way to enjoy this beautiful city. Tour to colonial towns in Antigua Guatemala, to learn about the daily way of life of the towns in Guatemala, on this tour you can enjoy handcrafted products such as; local fruit wines, chocolate making, macadamia plantation, jade factory and typical loom making. We like you to…

$95 / per person
Approximately 9 hrs

The most beautiful Colonial City in America “Antigua Guatemala”, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Antigua Guatemala is a small city surrounded by volcanoes that is located in southern Guatemala. It is known for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of which were renovated after the 1773 earthquake that ended Antigua’s 200-year reign as Guatemala’s…

$70 / per person

Enjoy the main tourist attractions of Guatemala City, you will be able to discover interesting facts that will surprise you, anecdotes and curiosities of each monument, street and avenue that you visit. Become an ambassador of the beautiful Guatemalan city of Asunción. You can not lose this!!!

$70 / per person