La Camioneta Tours is a company dedicated to Cultural Tourism, where we offer interpretive tours of Guatemala, accompanied by Certified Guides who share with passengers the stories, anecdotes and curious facts that are hidden in each monument, museum, building, church, street and avenue.

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About Us

Energetic circuit of authentic experiences at your own pace

About Us

Authentic and Personalized Cultural Experiences

La Camioneta Tours, we are a receptive tour operator in Guatemala and the Central American region specializing in Tour and Travel tourism and sustainable MICE business.

Our trips are characterized by quality standards and personalized services where each visitor has a pleasant and unforgettable experience. We innovate unconventional tourist products, offering exclusive services according to the
Requirements of the client.

La Camioneta Tours also works as a DMC for the reception, attention, and service for groups. We offer our commitment to the agency of origin so that the quality of the tourist experience of its customers is optimal, under the criteria of sustainability.

To be recognized in the tourism market for offering innovative services, excellence and commitment to sustainability.

Offer a specialized and exclusive service, with tours adapted to the requirements of each client, based on the commitment of quality and sustainability of our environment.

Who We Are

An unforgettable and unique experience in Guatemala

When Juan Carlos Cazún, a young guide and entrepreneur, imagined a typical original Guatemalan bus touring the city, he came up with the idea to create a tourist route in one of these unique, fun, and colorful buses, which are extremely useful for the country of Guatemala. Little did he know that this would lead to the ultimate revelation of something very innovative and famous in Guatemala City. Today, La Camioneta Tours runs cultural tourist circuits throughout the country of Guatemala and Central America.

An Enriching Experience

The tour was a very enriching experience. Juan Carlos and Jovanny were very kind guides and knowledgeable of the places we visited. We were very pleased with the tour.

Veronica Saavedra,


Great Tour Company

Our Tour guide Hiedo was great as well and very knowledgeable with the Guatemalan history. Highly recommend using them if you really want to experience Guatemala.

Robert Snapp,


Mayan Culture

Thanks to the staff of La Camioneta Tour in Guatemala. We recommend hiring them because in just two days we know the secrets hidden in the deepest part of the Mayan culture. Thank you, Juan Carlos. Hugs from Costa Rica.

Johnny Barboza,


Attentive and Kind

Super recommended, Juan Carlos the guide who accompanied us was very attentive and kind. Also, excellent mastery of requested culture and information. Thank you so much we had a great time.

Yen Fletes Guillen,


Great Service

Excellent service! Totally recommend, everyone is very attentive. A different but unique way to meet Guatemala

Velvet Najera,


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