La Camioneta Tours is a company dedicated to Cultural Tourism, where we offer interpretive tours of Guatemala, accompanied by Certified Guides who share with passengers the stories, anecdotes and curious facts that are hidden in each monument, museum, building, church, street and avenue.

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Modern and cosmopolitan Guatemala City in the Central American region. On this tour discover the main tourist attractions and curious facts hidden in each monument, museum, building, street, and avenue. Don't miss the experience of enjoying this circuit, full of interesting facts that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Tour the wide variety of tourist attractions Guatemala City offers in an authentic bus, accompanied by certified guides who share stories, interesting archaeological data, its exuberant nature, varied culture, the best architectural jewels, and gastronomy.   Visit: Reforma Avenue, Las Américas Avenue, Civic Center Historical Center, Cathedral, National Palace, Relief Map, and Cayalá. At the end of the typical lunch/dinner and Ron Zacapa tour (according to the package purchased).