La Camioneta Tours is a company dedicated to Cultural Tourism, where we offer interpretive tours of Guatemala, accompanied by Certified Guides who share with passengers the stories, anecdotes and curious facts that are hidden in each monument, museum, building, church, street and avenue.

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The magical site is known as Puerta al Cielo "Cráter Azul", a boat trip is made through El Pucté River for 30 minutes, upon arrival you will be able to appreciate a beautiful underwater garden, with vegetation that grows in the background, this is visible thanks to the clarity of the water. It is a very beautiful, sheltered place, where visitors can swim in its crystal clear waters. The conservation of the place is one of the biggest attractions for

Visit to incredible places that surround the valley of the Colonial City, we start the morning visiting unique views to appreciate the wonderful landscapes that surround Antigua Guatemala, incredible photos await you! We will visit Hobbitenango, a paradisiacal place in Guatemala, it has a huge viewpoint where you can appreciate the wonders of nature and relax with a view that is spectacular. Then, Altamira to meet the "most instagrammable hand" of Guatemala, then transfer to La Antigua Guatemala to visit

Bicycle tour through the main tourist attractions of the most beautiful avenues of Guatemala City, a space that tells us the history and culture, of Guatemala as well as of Latin America with majestic squares and commemorative monuments under the canopy of trees with views of contemporary buildings.​ ​

Travel to the green heart of Las Verapaces in Guatemala, a destination incomparable for its natural beauty, privileged by its turquoise waters and charming landscapes. On the first day transfer to Cobán, visit Ranchitos del Quetzal, lodging and enjoying this beautiful town. The next day you visit the Semuc Champey Natural Park, its amazing natural pools that form on the Cahabón River. On the third day, tour in Kan Bá Caves and tubing on the tributaries of the Cahabón River.

Enjoy a unique landscape in an unparalleled place, guarded by three imposing volcanoes and a beautiful lake surrounded by twelve villages of Mayan origin, named the most beautiful lake in the world according to Natgeo. You visit Panajachel, its cheerful and busy Santander Street, the public pier, then by boat sailing to San Juan La Laguna land of the most laborious artisans, native painters, and women weavers, you visit: medicinal plants, natural dyes, and painters' workshops. Return to Panajachel.     

Chichicastenango, capital of the Quiché kingdom. Market days are Thursdays and Sundays, it is a place that keeps Guatemalan traditions and customs of Mayan roots, the corridors are really colourful called "The Rainbow Loom Market", you visit the Church of St. Thomas, Calvary, the market of fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers and typical fabrics, Hotel and Mayan Inn Museum an iconic place in the history of the country's hotels, the Santo Tomás mulberry shop where they make the most expensive and

Want to visit the beach? We will pick you up at the hotel to spend a day of free time, and enjoy the landscape and good weather. The Pacific beaches are incredible and pleasant to visit due to their proximity, they have great natural beauty, and they are black sand beaches of volcanic origin. It is picked up at the hotel and we go to Hotel Soleil Pacifico in Puerto de San José, a paradise of relaxation along with the

Incredible adventure in one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala, get ready to have an exciting bed. According to Natgeo, it is one of the perfect places to hike through the forest and view beautiful landscapes. In some months of the year, you can see the lava that moves very slowly. It is suitable for all audiences. With the option of going up on foot or horseback riding, at the end of the descent for a supplement you can enjoy

Modern and cosmopolitan Guatemala City in the Central American region. On this tour discover the main tourist attractions and curious facts hidden in each monument, museum, building, street, and avenue. Don't miss the experience of enjoying this circuit, full of interesting facts that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Tour the wide variety of tourist attractions Guatemala City offers in an authentic bus, accompanied by certified guides who share stories, interesting archaeological data, its exuberant nature, varied culture, the best architectural jewels, and gastronomy.   Visit: Reforma Avenue, Las Américas Avenue, Civic Center Historical Center, Cathedral, National Palace, Relief Map, and Cayalá. At the end of the typical lunch/dinner and Ron Zacapa tour (according to the package purchased).